About the Artist

Lauren is an accomplished artist of many talents. Her work encompasses many mediums including hand painted tile, intricate mosaics, clay sculpture, and cloth doll making. It is Lauren’s contagious passion for her craft and vibrant color combinations coupled with dynamic compositions that truly set her work apart. Each piece features a subtle hint of whimsy that speaks of Lauren’s strong sense of children and family fun.

Born and raised in New York, Lauren was surrounded by an extended family of artisans who saw no barriers to their creativity. She learned from this fearlessness. Whether mosaicing 8-foot tall flowers on garden walls, or filling kitchen walls with her colorful creations, Lauren sees new “canvases” wherever she goes. Many in her family are afraid that if they stand still very long, they too will be covered with tile!

After finishing her B.A. in psychology at the State University of N.Y. at Oswego, Lauren spent time traveling and absorbing artistic influences throughout Europe. After migrating to the southwest, she found additional inspiration in the rich colors, and primitive tile work of Mexico. It is this strong association with the Mexican culture and her love of color that is evident in her work.

Lauren’s work can be found throughout the United States and Mexico. The common element in many of her custom pieces is her desire to integrate representations from the buyer’s life into the work of art and create a deep connection. The end result is a truly moving piece containing personal elements such as hand painted tiles depicting family members, memories or meaningful quotations as well as special family mementos (china pieces, jewelry, buttons, etc). She treats each of these pieces as “heirloom” projects and is truly energized by this “art from the heart.”

It is from this enthusiasm that Lauren, and her industrious husband Bill found the inspiration to design and build a custom studio to support Lauren’s true calling. As founders of, “Studio del Corazon” Lauren and Bill have created a place that is dedicated to enriching the lives of others and making art accessible. It is here that she established a tight knit artists guild that meets regularly to research and trade new techniques and ideas. Supporting Lauren’s strong sense of community, the studio is often host to a variety of charitable events. When not in the studio, Lauren divides her time between her home in Tucson, Arizona and her colorful home in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico (which is also available for rent – www.BeachParadise.com

Due to some nagging health issues, Lauren has been exploring a brand new direction – energy healing. She is quite excited to develop this very positive approach to loving, healthy and healing energy work. You can learn more about her work in this exciting direction at www.iHeartEnergy.net

Lauren’s four fabulous kids and enterprising husband keep her hopping with new adventures at every turn!